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Stanley Shelver(non-registered)
Christal, I went to your website and just let the photos “run”. The depth & contrasts of your photos is so compelling. I also really enjoy the various subjects that you have captured.
Linda Riedel Ellis(non-registered)
Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing your passion with us. Congratulations on your 1st place entry at the Anderson Museum of Art.
Terry Langdon(non-registered)
Stunningly beautiful photos, Christal! You have convinced your camera to do water colors, pastels, realism, oils, portraits. Amazing! Thank you for inspiring us all to take another look and find the magic in our world.
Dave Briccetti(non-registered)
Looks great, Christal (with an “h” and no “y”)! Congratulations.
Michael Bryant(non-registered)
Christal: I hear music when I look at your art. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing.
Thomas Jones(non-registered)
Dear Christal, Beautiful site and absolutely wonderful art. Congratulations and best wishes going forward.
Stan Shelver(non-registered)
Such different and vibrant colors in fantastic settings. Well done.
Neil Jolly(non-registered)
Fabulous work on this superbly designed site Christal! I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavours!
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